Concrete Densifier, Sealer, Surface Hardener and Dust Proofing Agent.


Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.


Faint Yellowish Clear Liquid.

Ideal For

Interior or exterior applications. Industrial floorings, warehouses, engineering workshops, quays, parking lots, service stations, garages …etc.

Other Key Features

Increases abrasion resistance up to 35% and increases surface hardness up to 12%. Hardens and increases the abrasion, impact and wear resistance of concrete floors where high volumes of pedestrian and / or vehicular traffic are expected. Provides permanent protection to the depth of penetration. Reduces the porosity of concrete surfaces, providing some chemical resistance to most organic acids, alkalis, salts, foods, fats, oils, greases and solvents. Densifies, strengthens, seals and dust proofs soft or dusty concrete floors. Improves the adhesion of subsequently applied line stripes, paints and coatings to soft or weak concrete surfaces. Allows the floor to breathe.


Approx. 5 – 8 sq. mtr. / ltr / coat. This figure is theoretical and does not include for any additional material required due to surface porosity, surface profile, variations in level and wastage etc.

Instruction For Use

Temperatures during application should be above 4°C and not more than 38°C. To minimize rapid drying in warm weather conditions, best results are obtained if applications occur without contact with direct sunlight or at low sun angles


Fresh Concrete : Apply in a continuous film using a high volume low pressure spray unit as soon as the surface is firm enough to walk on and in sufficient quantity to keep the surface damp for at least 30 minutes. After 30 to 45 minutes, the material begins to gel and becomes slippery. Wet the material lightly with a water spray to reduce slipperiness and rework into the surface for 10 – 20 minutes with a soft bristle broom or floor-scrubbing machine. After about 20 minutes, the material will return to a gel. Rinse the floor and remove any excess material using a squeegee, wet vacuum or mop.


Hardened Concrete : Apply in a continuous film using a high volume low pressure spray unit. To ensure maximum penetration, scrub material into the surface with a soft bristle broom or floor-scrubbing machine (min. 30 minutes), until material begins to gel and become slippery. Wet the material lightly with a water spray and rework it into the surface for another 10 – 20 minutes. After this process, rinse the floor and remove any excess material using a squeegee, wet vacuum or mop. On porous, rough-textured or broom-finished surfaces, a second coat may be required. For large surfaces and greater placing rates, mechanical equipment such as ride-on cleaning machines can be also used to place, brush in and remove the excess material from the surface. Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened / cured material can only be mechanically removed.


Do not use on epoxy or polymer modified and coloured concrete. Do not use on concrete previously treated with wax or resin cures, sealers and bond breaker compounds without their prior removal by chemical or mechanical means as their presence interferes with the penetration properties of Tuffcrete Advanced. Avoid contact with glass and aluminum. If this occurs, flush away immediately with water. Not recommended for application to concrete floor surfaces that are over three years old unless the floor surface has been previously mechanically prepared to remove carbonation and expose unreacted lime. Not recommended for application to tilt-up casting / floor slabs prior to application of bond breakers. Best results are obtained when Tuffcrete Advanced is applied to the floor surface after all wall panels have been raised.

Shelf Life

01 (one) year from the date of manufacturing.

Package & Pricing

UnitRetail Price For ( INDIA )Shipper ( In Pcs. )
100 ml45.0050
500 ml125.0015
1 ltr220.0015
2.5 ltr475.0006
5 ltr850.0003
10 ltr1525.0002
20 ltr2900.0001

Value For Money Factor

The ultimate efficacy of this product ensures it’s value for money itself. The cost gets even reduced for bigger packs.

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