All Purpose, Anti Corrosive, Non Chloride Set Accelerating, Anti-Washout Properties Enriched Finest Liquid Plasticizer and Waterproofing Admixture.


Domestic ( Up to M20 ), Commercial ( Above M20 ) and Industrial ( Above M20 ). It’s a Speciality Chemical.


Aromatic Chocolate Brown Liquid.

Ideal For

Any kind of RCC and PCC concreting and masonry / mortar work too, where sustained hydrostatic pressure or possibility of the washout of cement is very high and scope of the attack of aggressive chemicals is prominent.

Other Key Features

Resists hydrostatic pressure ( positive or negative ) and attack of aggressive chemicals. Minimizes washout of cement and does not cloud the water. Improves structural strength. Makes concrete waterproofing. Prevents corrosion. Gives superior surface finish. Reduces rebound loss. Reduces shrinkage cracks. Compatible with all varieties of cements and complies with IS 2645 : 2003 and IS 9103 : 1999.


100 ml – 500 ml per bag (50 kgs) of cement. Dosage should be finalized after initial site trials.

Instruction For Use

Make a dry mix of cement, stone chips and sand (or as appropriate) at right proportion. Add approx. 50% of required water and mix properly to make it perfectly moist. Shake well and add it (as per recommended dosage) into remaining water. Mix it well and use the same gradually to already moist concrete / mortar. Continue mixing for approx. 03 minutes to achieve cohesive mix. Normal curing is recommended.

Shelf Life

05 (five) years from the date of manufacturing.

Package & Pricing

UnitRetail Price For ( INDIA )Shipper ( In Pcs. )
100 ml130.0050
500 ml405.0015
1 ltr735.0015
2.5 ltr1665.0006
5 ltr3025.0003
10 ltr5500.0002
20 ltr10000.0001

Value For Money Factor

It costs only Rs. 60=50 per bag ( 50 kgs ) of cement [ Considering 5 ltr pack size ] at it’s minimum dosage for domestic uses. The cost gets even reduced for bigger packs.

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