Single Component High Finish Ready Mix Waterproofing Patching Mortar.


Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.


Light Grey Fine Powder.

Ideal For

Interior and exterior repairs. Any general concrete areas such as damaged concrete substrates, ceiling surfaces, wall plaster, façade, repair of holes, honeycombs, edges and cracks, jointing of masonry, floor, steps, sidewalks, patios, driveways . . . etc.

Other Key Features

No need to add extra cement and aggregates or any dispersion liquid. Most suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces and it also can be sprayed. This non-combustible ready mix patching mortar offers almost zero permeability to water, CO2, chlorides and also compensates shrinkage exceptionally.


1.5 – 1.8 kgs per sq. mtr. per mm thickness.

Instruction For Use

Approx. 20 – 22% ( by weight of Ready Patch ) of water will be required for getting the mortar of desired consistency. Mix Ready Patch powder and water gradually with continuous mixing for approx. 03 ( three ) minutes so that agglomeration and lump formation can be avoided. Use the prepared mortar within 30 ( thirty ) minutes ( at 270 C ). Discard the mixed mortar if left unused for more than 30 ( thirty ) minutes ( at 270 C ).

Shelf Life

01 (one) year from the date of manufacturing.

Package & Pricing

UnitRetail Price For ( INDIA )Shipper ( In Pcs. )
1 kg185.0015

Value For Money Factor

The ultimate efficacy of this product ensures it’s value for money itself.

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