Co-Polymeric Liquid Water Resistant And Anti Corrosive After Cast Slurry Component.


Domestic ( Up to M20 ), Commercial ( Above M20 ) and Industrial ( Above M20 ).


Aromatic Milky White Cohesive Low Viscosity Tacky Liquid.

Ideal For

Effective water resistant impregnable slurry topping treatment over newly laid concrete. It can be used over old concrete too after specialized surface preparation.

Other Key Features

Controls the standard scale of PH value of the concrete with excellent anti corrosive properties, enhances wear resistance too and compatible with all varieties of cements.


Approx. 50 ml per sq. mtr. area as slurry coat [Dilution required].

Instruction For Use

Shake well before use. Mix dry fresh cement and dry fine sand (1:1 by volume). Pour approx. 2 – 3 parts of the said mixture into 1 part of diluted Protex Ultima [1:19 (water)] slowly with continuous stirring to get lump free consistency. Apply by paint brush uniformly over the newly laid concrete after at least 8 – 12 hours of concreting. In case of old concrete – prepare the surface free from oil, grease, loosely adhering particles and saturate the same with sufficient water for at least 12 hours before the application. Curing by damp hessain (in both the cases) is suggested for 7 – 10 days at least and by pond curing thereafter, if required. Pot life of Protex Ultima at 27 degree centigrade is approx. 20 – 30 minutes.

Shelf Life

02 (two) years from the date of manufacturing.

Package & Pricing

UnitRetail Price For ( INDIA )Shipper ( In Pcs.)
100 ml86.0050
500 ml335.0015
1 ltr615.0015
2.5 ltr1506.0006
5 ltr2888.0003
10 ltr5654.0002
20 ltr11266.0001

Value For Money Factor

It costs only Rs. 2=89 per sq. ft. [ Considering 5 ltr pack size ]. The cost gets even reduced for bigger packs.

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