Hydraulic Shrinkage and Micro Crack Resistant Liquid admixture.


Domestic ( Up to M20 ), Commercial ( Above M20 ) and Industrial ( Above M20 ).


Aromatic Clear Liquid.

Ideal For

Foundations, floors, silos, concrete pipes, water tanks, arenas, walls, piers, water purification plants, swimming pools, interior / exterior, underground construction, watertight construction, artificial skating rinks . . . etc.

Other Key Features

Typically shrinkage may be reduced up to 50% depending on the cement used. Compatible with all varieties of cements. Reduces cracking caused by shrinkage and also the potential for slab curling. Increases the life time of structures and decreases expensive maintenance costs. Substantially improves impermeability, resulting in improved concrete durability. Usable with both air entrained and non air entrained concrete.


100 ml – 500 ml per bag (50 kgs) of cement. Dosage should be finalized after initial site trials.

Instruction For Use

Add “ No Shrink ” after all admixtures have been introduced into the mix.

Make a dry mix of cement, stone chips and sand (or as appropriate). Add approx 50% of required water and mix properly to make it perfectly moist. Shake well and add it (as per recommended dosage) into remaining water. Mix it well and use the same gradually to already moist concrete / mortar. Continue mixing for approx. 03 minutes to achieve cohesive mix. Normal curing is recommended.

Shelf Life

02 (two) years from the date of manufacturing.

Package & Pricing

UnitRetail Price For ( INDIA )Shipper ( In Pcs. )
100 ml50.0050
500 ml165.0015
1 ltr300.0015
2.5 ltr675.0006
5 ltr1250.0003
10 ltr2375.0002
20 ltr4500.0001

Value For Money Factor

It costs only Rs. 25=00 per bag ( 50 kgs ) of cement [ Considering 5 ltr pack size ] at it’s minimum dosage for domestic uses. The cost gets even reduced for bigger packs.

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