Liquid Rust Converting Anti Corrosive Coating Component.


Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.


Strongly Aromatic Clear Transparent Liquid.

Ideal For

Rusted reinforcement or metallic objects exposed to atmospheric hazards and natural calamities.

Other Key Features

Converts rust into a thin rigid blackish layer which further doesn’t come under chemical deterioration over metals. This thin rigid black coating itself plays the role of a protector.


20 – 25 sq. mtr. metal surface area per ltr per coat. Dosage may vary on the extent of rust deposited over metallic surface.

Instruction For Use

Remove all loosely adhered particles mechanically with wire brush / emery cloth or clean it in a more effective way, chemically ( D-Rust may be recommended ). Still, huge light rusting is expected to be present over the metallic surface which needs not to be taken care of. Apply it directly over the light rusted metallic surface by nylon bristle paint brush and leave it for air drying. It will gradually convert the light rust into a thin rigid blackish coating as a protector. Repetition of the process is required while the rust is huge and stubborn.

Shelf Life

02 (two) years from the date of manufacturing.

Package & Pricing

UnitRetail Price For ( INDIA )Shipper ( In Pcs.)
100 ml65.0050
500 ml220.0015
1 ltr397.0015
2.5 ltr943.0006
5 ltr1765.0003
10 ltr3372.0002
20 ltr6670.0001

Value For Money Factor

It costs only Rs. 1=41 per sq. ft. [ Considering 5 ltr pack size ] at it’s minimum dosage for metal surface. The cost gets even reduced for bigger packs.

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