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What are Construction Chemicals ?
Construction Chemicals are the 4th constituent ( except Cement, Aggregates and Water ) of cementitious system which can modify , minimize or remove the limitations of concrete / mortar.

Where can I use Construction Chemicals ?
Construction Chemicals can be used in any civil construction site. A different segment of Construction Chemicals also can be used for other system of construction also.

When should I use Construction Chemicals ?
Construction Chemicals can be used during pre-construction, in-construction and post–construction jobs. The same can be used for minimizing or removing different kind of limitations of cementitions system in new construction. But it is unavoidable in case of renovation or repair of old construction.

How does it Cost ?
Cost of Construction Chemicals vary on different aspects and requirements of the site. As we know that only Construction Chemicals can add value protection to construction – the cost comes under very much reasonably affordable limit.

Why will I buy SHANTECH Construction Chemicals instead of many other products available in the market ?
SHANTECH is the only IMS ( Integrated Management System ) Construction Chemicals manufacturing company of India. So, the output ( in terms of products and services ) of SHANTECH is definitely more reliable and integrated than the rest. It is a 100% Indian company. So, naturally it does not hike prices of it’s products because of any overseas financial overload. The customers of SHANTECH, therefore, can get the best value for money.

I don’t know anything about Construction Chemicals, but I want to have 100% protection of my construction. How ?
Just make a call at SHANTECH [ 94340 44133 or 94340 45680 or 96477 15441 or 86707 87614 ] or communicate by any other means of communication and enjoy the most dedicated service from SHANTECH, at free of cost, for letting you know all about your specific techno commercial need.

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